Roxy Glow



Délka 138 cm
Efektivní hrana n/a
Šířka nose 27 cm
Šířka waist 23,4 cm
Šířka tail 27 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 48 cm
Váha jezdce OD n/a
Váha jezdce DO n/a
Rádius 7,7 m
Šířka normal (do 10,5US)
Určení All-mountain Freestyle
Konstrukce Flat
Typ Dámské

10 400 Kč


The ROXY GLOW is designed for an easy riding experience with predictable control onthe whole mountain. Catch-free Roxy Flat contour offers a forgiving ride to enhance thefun on any slope, and encourage comfortable progression. Paired with the ROXY GLOWbindings, this package is guaranteed to enhance your winter glow!

- Radial Sidecut – Smooth Turning
- Poplar Wood Core – Softer Flexing, Smooth Control
- Base Material – Extruded
- Glow Flat camber provides a more loose, catch-free ride- Evenly distributes pressure for an overall balanced feel
- Predictable board response with a comfortable flex

Glow Binding features are designed to match the needs of the Roxy Glow rider, with adjustability and comfort for a balanced ride.

- Textile Padded Ankle and Toe Strap with Compression Window
- EVA Foam Toe and Heel Pad
- Adjustable Toe Ramp
- Tool Less Highback Angle Adjust
- Sizes - S/M, M/L

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