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Dragon NFX



Typ Unisex
Barva Black Lumalens Red

Cena 4 050 Kč

With its distinctive frameless design and cylindrical lens, the revolutionary styling of our NFX goggle took the market by storm.

By mixing a classic flat-lens look with cutting-edge aesthetics and flawless function, the NFX offers effortless easy lens interchangeability and our full arsenal off Lumalens® technology. It achieves the balance of pregressive aesthetics nad proven performance, in a large package.

- patented frameless technology
- expanded lumalens® color optimized lens lineup
- flexible dual lexan lens
- 200% stronger super anti for coating
- 100% UV protection
- armored venting
- triple layer face foam with hypollergenic Micro-Fleece lining
- silicone strap backing
- helmet compatible
- large fit

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