Jones Mini Mind Expander

Mini Mind Expander


Délka 130 cm
Efektivní hrana 91 cm
Šířka nose 27,4 cm
Šířka waist 23,8 cm
Šířka tail 25,2 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 50 cm
Váha jezdce OD 34 kg
Váha jezdce DO 54 kg
Rádius 5,6 m
Šířka normal (do 10,5US)
Určení All-mountain
Konstrukce Hybrid
Typ Dětské

9 090 Kč


The new Mini Mind Expander is a unique surf-inspired shred stick built for youth or small adults with the skills to draw creative lines down the mountain. Designed by surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones, the Mini Mind Expander features a Christenson surf rocker profile and a blunted nose for epic float in pow plus a full sized tail for legit freestyle performance. The unique shape is matched with a short sidecut for snappy turn performance in tight terrain and a little wider waist width so the board can be ridden shorter. Youth who can confidently link turns and are looking to blaze their own tracks into the powder deserve to rip on the Mini Mind Expander.

- Traction Tech 
- Blunt Nose 
- Progressive Sidecut 
- Directional Shape

- Stiffness: 5/10 
- V-Core 
- Directional flex pattern

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