Burton FT Trick Pilot

FT Trick Pilot


Délka 158 cm
Efektivní hrana 119 cm
Šířka nose 29,6 cm
Šířka waist 25,4 cm
Šířka tail 29,6 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 56 cm
Váha jezdce OD 68 kg
Váha jezdce DO 91 kg
Rádius 7,8 m
Šířka normal (do 10,5US)
Určení Freestyle BC
Konstrukce Camber
Typ Pánské

14 300 Kč


Take to the skies strapped to a payload of all mountain power with a twin tip personality.

When riders like Mark Sollors and Mikey Rencz gear up for a backcountry jump session, they’re reaching for the twin-tipped freedom of the NEW Trick Pilot. This bigger, burlier evolution on the backcountry twin is all about power, pop, and control. A combination of Balanced Freeride Geometry and the forgiving flex of PurePop Camber delivers float and playfulness, while the twin tip shape and centered stance allow for freestyle exploration in all directions.


PurePop Camber

Twin Shape

Twin Flex

FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core, Dualzone™ EGD™

Triax™ Fiberglass

Recycled Sintered WFO Base

The Channel™

Super Sap® Epoxy
Carbon I-Beam™
Infinite Ride™

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