Burton After School Special

After School Special


Délka 80 cm
Efektivní hrana 48 cm
Šířka nose 19,47 cm
Šířka waist 17,8 cm
Šířka tail 19,47 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 30,5 cm
Váha jezdce OD 11 kg
Váha jezdce DO 23 kg
Rádius 2,9 m
Šířka normal (do 10,5US)
Určení All-mountain
Konstrukce Flat
Typ Dětské

6 240 Kč


One-stop shopping. Just plug your kid in and go with a setup that’s easier than a tricycle with training wheels.

Even the kids know this is the best deal going. Better than watching hours of cartoons, the Burton After School Special makes learning a cinch with super soft, parent-friendly bindings and a saucer-like snowboard that teaches balance and board control. With the fully adjustable bindings pre-mounted in a beginner-friendly stance, simply grab the package and go. It doesn't get any easier than this.


Flat Top™

Twin Shape

Twin Flex

FSC™ Certified Fly® Core

Biax™ Fiberglass

Extruded Base

Super Sap® Epoxy
Easy Bevel
Comes Premounted with Bindings

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