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Burton Cheddar



Barva Yellow

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This wax goes great on everything.

Nothing is more classically euro than waxing with a melting cube that smells like Swiss fondue. But the tech specs include an all-conditions 7-to-32-degree range, hydrocarbon glide and biodegradable peace of mind – giving this wax more than just an appetizing aroma. Hot wax, cold scrape, just don’t spread it on crackers.

- Super Versatile
- All-Purpose Wax
- 100% Biodegradable Hydrocarbon Wax All Temp
- Condition Formulation: 32°F to 7°F [0°C to -14°C]
- Apply with Iron Set to Medium Heat, Scrape, Brush (Optional) and Go
- 80 Grams
- Made in the USA
- 1-Year Warranty

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