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Switchback Session



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The Session is our balanced binding for powerful riders. They are loaded with our new AERON base and anatomically shaped FL Highbacks for a more natural boot-cupping feel. Finished off with lavish Eames Straps for comfort and control, they're poised to kick off the session


Aeron Base
Introducing a new platform. The AERON base is the result of 3 years of hardcore R&D. A stronger and lighter base using an industry first binding construction method; overmolding forged aluminum with highest grade polyamide Nylon. With a smaller disc, smaller footprint and tool-less size adjustability, it offers unparalleled fit regardless of boot brand and size.

Overmolded Power Rods
The forged aluminum power rods help transfer pressure from toe to heelside with minimal power loss. The aluminum rods are overmolded inside the heel cup to form an indestructible bond with no need for extra hardware.

Overmolded Forged Heelcup
The forged aluminum heel enforcement is overmolded inside the heel cup to form an indestructible bond. Switchback is the first binding company to use this technology to create a unique blend of materials, offering the an optimal combination of weight, strength and flex.

Boot to board EVA Gas Pedal
We put the padding exactly where you need it. The adjustable toe padding works like a gas pedal and cushioning at the same time thanks to the dual density foam in the toe area. It's soft enough to cushion impact and rm enough to not lose power transferred to the toe edge

Boot to Board Full EVA
Cushioning under the heel is crucial. If you ever had a heel bruise in the past then you know what we are talking about. That is why we designed the footpad to have full boot to board EVA under your heel bone.

Tool-less Ankle Strap Adjust
Our patented pin system eliminates the need for hardware to hold down and change position of the ankle strap. It makes switching straps and adjusting strap position a breeze and saves weight. No tools needed.

Ergonomically Shaped Ankle Ladders
The strap ladders are shaped to bend out before they wrap around your boot. This design tweak spreads the pressure of the strap evenly, eliminating pressure points and makes it easier to put your boot in your binding because the strap opens to the outside.

Triple Action Ankle Ratchet
Our custom ratchets get the job done every time. The triple tooth ratchet saves you time strapping in so you can get going as fast as possible. We use the highest grade forged aluminum levers and strong spring system to make sure they keep performing season after season.

Ergonomically Shaped Ankle Straps
Our straps are molded in a way that eliminates pressure points. Both of our strap options are designed with ergonomics in mind, but executed with different materials to offer unique riding experiences. No matter which one you pick, you won't have to worry about comfort.

Tool-less Toe Strap Adjust
Our patented pin system eliminates the need for hardware to hold down and change position of the toe strap. It makes switching straps and adjusting strap position a breeze and saves weight. No tools needed.

Triple Action Toe Ratchet
The toe ratchet has triple teeth to make each action super effective so you can strap in and start riding as fast as possible.

Channel Compatible Disk
The lighter and reduced footprint of our new minidisk allows you to better feel your boards flex, allowing for a more natural power transfer. Fully compatible with all mounting systems.

Tool-less Base Size Adjust
The size of the new AERON base is adjustable without tools, enabling you to fine-tune the fit to your boot. The forward and rear sections are independent of each other, so whatever size you chose, you will always be centered in the binding.

Tool-less Highback Attachment
One of Switchback's most unique features is the effortless and tool-less highback attachment. This enables you to easily remove your highback when packing, or switching to a different highback to match riding conditions. Try riding pow without highbacks for a distinct riding experience.

Ergonomic Highback Design
Switchback's signature hole-in-the-highback design optimizes strength vs flex. When pressure is applied to the heelside you get maximum power transfer, but when your boot flexes sideways the binding flexes with you.

Locking Highback
Switchback's signature heelcup locks the highback in the upright position, but a small force like the chairlift hitting your binding will release the highback so you won't get stuck.

Clean Forward Lean Adjust
We moved the forward lean adjustment from the traditional location on top of your heelcup to the natural pivot point at the inner highback mount. Adjusting the position of the hardware up or down adjusts the forward lean angle of the highback, retaining it's position. No more gaps.

Plush EVA padding
All of our Switchback highback models feature a comfortable and durable EVA cushioning layer between your leg and the highback frame to keep you riding all day.


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