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Burton Socialite



Délka 138 cm
Efektivní hrana 104 cm
Šířka nose 27,6 cm
Šířka waist 23,8 cm
Šířka tail 27,6 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 48 cm
Váha jezdce OD 36 kg
Váha jezdce DO 54 kg
Rádius 6,5 m
Šířka Normal
Určení Freestyle Park
Konstrukce Flat
Typ Dámské

Cena 11 880 Kč

For those who like it extra flexy; step up your game with the hardest charging “soft” board on the mountain.

With an extra poppy flex, the souped-up Burton Socialite is for riders who charge hard. Looser than the Lip-Stick and with more oooomph than the Deja Vu, it’s the perfect recipe for partying on any terrain. The flat, ultra-thin, and skate-like profile improves the ride, thanks to Filet-O-Flex design, yet rips harder than any soft board out there. Ramped-up grip and a fast yet low-maintenance sintered base offer control and durability in variable conditions, while the Off-Axis construction perfectly aligns the board’s design to your body’s stance and positioning for board feel that fits like a glove.

- Bend Flat Top™
- Shape Twin Shape
- Flex Twin Flex
- Core FSC™ Certified Super Fly® Core
- Dualzone™ EGD™
- Fiberglass Triax™ Fiberglass
- Base Sintered Base
- Mounting The Channel®
- Features Off-Axis Squeezebox Low
- Off-Axis Frostbite Edges
- Super Sap® Epoxy, Filet-O-Flex, Scoop, Pro-Tip™
- Burton Warranty 3-Year Warranty

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