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Bataleon  Evil Twin

Evil Twin


Délka 151 cm
Efektivní hrana 110 cm
Šířka nose 28,6 cm
Šířka waist 24,6 cm
Šířka tail 28,6 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 50-62 cm
Váha jezdce OD 57 kg
Váha jezdce DO 75 kg
Rádius 7,8 m
Šířka Normal
Určení Freestyle Park
Konstrukce Camber
Typ Pánské

Cena 13 490 Kč

There is no freestyle park board that is more versatile than the Evil Twin. It’s no coincidence that this board has been in the line since day one. Our developments in 3BTTM shaping with the addition of SideKickTM Tips have led to anew shape on a legendary board, overhauled to be your go to snowboard.

- Outline Shape - Twin
- Triple Base Shape - Twin 3BT + Sidekick
- Medium Camber
- Tri Ax plus
- Basalt stringers
- Hyper Glides
- Flip Flop base
- Core core Bamboo

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